23. ajalooalaste uurimistööde võistluse Eesti Vabariigi Presidendi
auhindadele lõpetamine toimub 13. mail kell 11.00
Tartus Haridus- ja Teadusministeeriumi saalis.
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About our association

Estonian History and Civics Teachers Association’s main goal is to bring together History and Civics teachers in order to strengthen specialised collaboration and therefore maintain continuity in history and culture research and preservation. In addition, the Association takes part in solving problems in the Estonian education field and popularising history and civics studies. The Association organises many conferences, courses, seminars and competitions to give our members chance to expand their knowledge in Estonia and foreign countries.In addition to this, our Association takes part in solving problems of education and popularising our disciplines. Also we organise many conferences, courses, seminars and competitions to give our members chance to expand their knowledge in Estonia and foreign countries.
Our association was established in four stages. Two enthusiasts – Hillar Nahkmann and Sulev Valdmaa, had the idea in August 1991. For some time, the idea was floating around. Not many people came for the first meeting. They thought that the name must describe the association accurately. Many people were already a part of other associations. At the same time in Lepanina a group of 41 people started with the groundwork. One of the groups were located in Tallinn. There was a need of the statute. On the 1th of November in 1993, the association was built with 138 people. Only a year older association EUROCLIO took us under their wing. The international cooperation helped with making new relations, experience, collaborate events and contests. There was a great need for that kind of support.
Text was created by Luise Õuna (One of the founding members).

Annual events/heading]

EAÜS organizes different events, meetings, trips and excursions. Take part!

9. septembril 2019 algatas Vabariigi Valitsus seaduseelnõu „Kodakondsuse seaduse ning põhikooli- ja gümnaasiumiseaduse muutmise seaduse eelnõu 57 SE“. Meie, allakirjutanud, väljendame rahulolematust nimetatud seaduseelnõu valmimise viisi üle ning oleme algatatud eelnõu suhtes järgneval seisukohal.

Tänase Eesti suurim haridusvaldkonna probleem on tohutu õpetajate põud. See on reaalne ja ülimalt tõsine probleem ning selle lahendamisega oleks tulnud alustada juba aastate eest.

15. veebruaril 2020 toimus Paides Õpetajate Ühenduste Koostöökoja Mõttekoja kohtumine, kus arutleti Haridus- ja Teadusministeeriumiga strateegilise partnerluse lepingu sõlmimise üle. Leping eeldab aga kokkulepet hea kaasamise tavade osas.

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Account nr: EE201010220003655015
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